Mr. Hikmet Embil establishes his pharmacy in Bandırma, a small coastal town in Western Turkey.



His son Nejat works in the pharmacy and begins to learn the trade.



Upon completion of his studies at Istanbul University, Nejat Embil joins his father Hikmet to work in the back room of the pharmacy and creates unique products.


Charcoal from forests around Bandırma is "activated" for use in the glucose industry and Tannalbine has been manufactured by combining Tannen with egg whites obtained locally, to create an astringent medicine for the Turkish Army.



The business moves out of the pharmacy and into a small, three-storey
building where the Embil Laboratory is established.
Between 1948 and 1956, father and son collaborate on
innovating a number of original products, including Phytinale® (based on phytine – extracted from
the olives in the region), Coral® (nikethamide) and an anti-epileptic drug contains phenytoin sodium.



The company moves to Istanbul, the commercial center of Turkey. The Bomonti production site is established.



Once established in Istanbul, Embil begins to build
up its equipment and widen its scope of activities.
During this phase, a number of unique products including many injectable and tablet forms have been
developed and marketed. Among these are different formulations of fenitoin sodium for epilepsy, neostigmin, succinylcholine, noradrenaline, tubacurine as well as naphazoline nitrate



The first modernization proccess has been completed. The 1970's brings further growth in the company's portfolio as phenprobamate, phenprobamate and paracetamol, hydrargaphen, hydrocortisone and nonoxynol-9 gain leadership positions in the market.










The company's name has been changed to Embil Ilac Sanayii (Embil Pharmaceutical Company).




Embil enters the NSAID field with Prodisan® (azapropazone).




R&D Department was established. A number of new products for Dermatology have been planned using patented and unique delivery systems.



The fixed dose combination of Metronidazole and miconazole nitrate, the follow-on product for Penotran® has been launched, quickly gaining the top position in the market. Following the retirement of Nejat Embil in 1994, the two grandsons of the founder, Koral and Edis assumed active management of the firm.



Following GMP modernization and expansion at the Bomonti plant, Embil Benzoyl peroxide cream using the patented Microsponge™ Delivery system has been launched.



The first exports commenced in 1997. And then an anti-acne cream using the patented Microsponge™ Delivery system has been launched.




This was followed by a unique single-dose ovule contains miconazole nitrate for the treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis has been launched in 2000.




Nimesulide Topical Gel utilizing the LPS™ (Lamellar Penetration System) for the topical treatment of pain and inflammation has been launched, becoming the first locally formulated patented gel.




Export number reaches over 1 million boxes.




Two new members join to the METRONIDAZOLE + MICONAZOLE NITRATE fixed dose combination product family. One of them lessens the daily dosage to once a day; and the other version has been combined with the LIDOCAINE.




The very first and the only ovule formulation of TINIDAZOLE + TIOCONAZOLE combination has been launched to be a new alternative for vaginal infections.




CERKEZKOY MANUFACTURING FACILITIES and R & D center have been laid which will be one of the most advanced SEMI-SOLID production facility in Turkey and Middle East.



Embil Philippines Inc., which is the first overseas office and also Far East regional office
of Embil starts its operations in Manila/Philippines.


Our Quality Policy

Our corporation aims to think and act in a common sense with its employees, while achieving the quality and creativity which is accepted as a vision.

The Exports

Embil Pharmaceutical Co. exports its original and patented products demanded in the domestic market to foreign countries. Our company, which started its exports in 1998...

Technology And R & D

LPS™, (Lamellar Penetration System) is a unique transdermal delivery technology developed by EMBİL for the optimal penetration of various compounds

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